How Much Is Hesitating To Sell Your Kansas City House Really Costing You?

Hesitating to sell your Kansas City house can cost you a lot of money. Read on to find out why and how much!

Many people don’t realize just how expensive it is to own a property and how much it is costing them each month. A recent CNBC article claims that 16% of homeowners regret buying their house because maintenance & other costs are too high. The costs can be even more painful if it is an investment property or other inherited house that you don’t even live in any more. Here are some of the ways that your home is costing you money when you hesitate to sell your Kansas City house.

Your Mortgage

The average mortgage payment in the US is $1275 every month. So over the course of several months, this adds up to a sizeable amount of money! You don’t need to keep spending your money on a house that isn’t serving you and that you don’t love. You deserve to own a property that you truly love!

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance varies greatly depending on the type of house, type of coverage and more, and can be several hundred to several thousand per year. These costs also add up to a sizeable bill each month!

Property Taxes

There is no certainty in life except death and taxes they say. And for homeowners taxes are an often overlooked thing. Instead of spending several hundred dollars a month to pay property taxes, you can sell your home to a house buyer such as us at Green Sparrow Properties and end the pain today.

Maintenance and Repairs

You may not realize what all those trips to Home Depot are costing you each month. Routine repairs, cleaning costs, and landscaping needs can all add up fast. The cost of repairs and regular maintenance is surprising to many homeowners, especially when they total everything up, seeing their costs in black and white. You might be very surprised to see how much you are really spending to own your house in Kansas City.

Utility Bills & Other Fees

Even if you’re not living in the home, utilities still need to be paid. Especially in the winter, you need to leave the heat on to prevent the pipes from freezing. Additionally, when a prospective buyer comes to look at the house, you want to be able to show them that all of the utilities work.

Opportunity Loss

This one is hard to put an exact dollar figure to, but by keeping your money tied up in this house, you’re missing the ability to use that money for something else. What if your dream home comes available, you want to start a business, or need money to pay high-interest debts?

Frustration, Stress, and Anger

What’s the point in letting a frustrating house stress you out? Sometimes we find ourselves in difficult situations just because we have become so used to them. Maybe the roof always leaks or the house doesn’t stay warm in the winter. The truth is, you don’t have to deal with it anymore. With a direct sale to Green Sparrow Properties, you’ll be able to end all of your worries and frustrations regarding the property. You will be able to sell your house for a great price no matter what condition the house is in. You will immediately be able to end the stress, frustration, and anger so you can move on fast.

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